Some Qualifying Cases for Settlement Advance Loans

By September 20, 2017Uncategorized

If you have been involved in a civil case or injury related cases, you have the option to seek for advance settlement to help you with your daily expenses while the lawsuit is being settled, either inside or outside the court. Most lawsuit funding companies have their own standard and qualifications. In general, they would likely involve accidents with clear liability and insurance. And outlined below are just some of the cases that may qualify for a lawsuit financial loan.

Auto Accidents

One of the most common cases that lawsuit funding companies would approve is an auto accident or motor vehicle related case. Most of the factors or requirements of being approved for a loan can be easily found in a car accident. Auto accidents present clear liability, significant injury, and enough insurance to compensate the aggrieved party.

Injury Lawsuit Caused by Negligence

This type of case may vary depending on the incident involved. A typical injury lawsuit could qualify for a loan if it involved slip and fall, trip and fall, residential ceiling collapse and the likes. In cases as such, it is highly advised by experts and loan companies that you should have the proper documentation for your claim. This may include an incident report or even an ambulance report.

In the said report, it should be highlighted how the negligence of the defendant caused you injury or harm. Having these forms of documentation will strengthen your case and will also increase your chances of having a loan approved.

Medical Malpractice

This is one of the common cases that lawsuit funding companies will approve. It is easy to get a medical malpractice lawsuit funding, especially if the injury or damaged caused by the defendant is very obvious. All you have to do is present your case for evaluation, and if it is within the standards of a loan company, you will immediately get your cash advance.

Construction Accidents

Since construction accidents may be fatal and highly debilitating, insurance is often held by defendants in the case of a lawsuit. It is highly encouraged that you seek help from an expert construction accident attorney and ask for financial aid from a settlement funding company. Similar to other cases mentioned above, you just have to present your case and evidence for evaluation.

The ones highlighted above are some of the most commonly encountered accidents or lawsuits that could qualify for a loan. However, if you have a unique case at hand, you may simply visit any lawsuit funding company to have your case evaluated.