Do The Scales Of Justice Work For Your Clients? Litigation Funding For Your Clients!

Make the most out of each viable case with pre-settlement cash funding! By providing our service we allow the attorney adequate time to negotiate the best possible settlement of the case, getting the maximum for all parties.

Managing these situations costs you time and money. We can provide your client with an advanced funding to help them with their immediate needs so you can carry on the case toward the largest settlement possible.

How often have you lost money, or not made as much because of an early settlement on behalf of your client?
Have you ever had a client call asking you for a loan to get by until their settlement money comes in?
How often do your clients call insisting you settle so they can get their money now?

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Your client’s financial ability to remain in their case longer can be a driving factor in your ability to negotiate settlements. Defendants understand they can stretch out the time it takes and make your clients unsatisfactory offers.

Deblynd, Inc. provides your clients with immediate cash, giving you the time needed to maximize the settlement. The kinds of cases we fund include product liability, malpractice, worker’s compensation and personal injury.

If you have a pending lawsuit and you are in need of cash now, let us give you the help you need.

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