About us

Deblynd, Inc. and their advance funding specialists are headquartered in Cape Coral, FL. As a premier company in the legal financing industry, Deblynd, Inc. knows that accidents and injuries can happen at any time and many of our clients cannot wait several years to receive payment from an insurance company.

This is why many people seek a cash advance from Deblynd, Inc. The advances that we can provide can help pay for everyday living expenses, medical bills, save a home from foreclosure and even help a family avoid an eviction.

If you are involved in a lawsuit and need cash now, we can evaluate your case for immediate funding, before it has been settled or resolved by the courts. If your case meets our funding criteria, we can provide a cash advance, which will be repaid when your case settles. If you lose your case – YOU OWE US NOTHING!

Although we work closely with attorneys, we do not provide legal services or participate in your case in any way whatsoever.
Deblynd, Inc. is here for you. Give us a call now, we will be happy to assist you.